Local Electricity Company Deliver a Lecture on Electric System Reform


On November 10th, Local Electricity Company held seminar, inviting electric power industry experts Li Jianwei teaching related problems of electric system reform in China.  Li Jianwei  introduced the basic situation of our country's electric system and the existing problems of power system, reviewed main content of all the previous electricity system reform, emphatically introduced “the Several Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Electric Power System” in 2015, especially the opinion of our province's electricity comprehensive pilot implementation plan and related supporting opinions since this year, in-depth analysis the situation of the power system reform in our province. After the lecture, Li Jianwei exchanged ideas extensively with employees on how to face the problem in the electric system reform and how to respond to the challenge, seize the opportunity and make enterprise to transform & develop. In the near future, the company will hold a series of electric reform seminar, to further promote the cadre staff fully understand the new situation of power system reform, unified thought, proactive, strive for better and faster development.


                                                                ——By Xu Ying 

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