Shanxi Local Electricity Co., Ltd. Held Launching and Signing Ceremony of "Safe Production Month" in 2017





On morning of June 1, 2017, Local Electricity Company held launching and signing ceremony of "Safe Production Month" in 2017, Deputy General Manager Fan Linrui presided over the ceremony, the company leadership and all staff participated in the ceremony.


The launching ceremony has been fully mobilized and carefully arranged for the company's "safe production month" activities this year. Company leadership in his speech, pointed out that recently power production safety accidents are frequent, the laws and regulations of the state & the industry gradually improve, increase further liability scope and strength, managers, employees at all levels should strengthen learning, in the "safe production month" publicize and implement "opinion on promote reform and development of safety in production field", "production safety law" and other laws and regulations, strengthening the safety warning education, improve the level of overall safety production consciousness and legal business. Then, Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors Cui Lixin, Director, General Manager Shi Wenli lead the signing on the "safe production month" theme exhibition board, and said: they will shoulder responsibility of enterprise security development, actively perform enterprise production safety responsibility, lead all staff promote the building of essential security enterprise.


During this year "safe production month" activities, the company will be centered around "the full implementation of enterprise production safety responsibility" theme activities, strictly implement the government at all levels and group company about this year's "safe production month" activities, through competition in knowledge, technology tournament, emergency drill, the selection of excellent works and a series of activities, to further strengthen "two laws and one regulations" and publicizing & implementation of group company safety culture, let the staff to keep in mind, compaction enterprise production safety responsibility, actively explore, innovation to carry out the enterprise the means of production safety responsibility, truly take "safe production month" activities as the effective way of company safety development, harmonious development of society.


                                                                                          ——by Zhu Tao

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